Meet Our Founder


Lindsay Noll, MBA

I love working with entrepreneurial, fast-paced, mission-driven companies with good people.  I report to people who have opinions about what is important and are willing to hold others accountable. I have lots of fun at work -- I bring the fun!

I believe in using data to make decisions, being creative when it comes to solving problems, trying new things, and relentlessly striving to improve processes. People are important, and they're happy to do what's asked of them if they know the goal and expectations. 

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Meet Our Senior Bookkeeper


Ava Vatsky

Ava came to bookkeeping after 10+ years in the food industry, during which time she realized that she was way more interested in learning how much it *cost* to make and sell food rather than actually make and sell the food itself (Fortunately, she still loves eating).

Upon exchanging her apron for a ledger, Ava discovered that she loves accounting and bookkeeping, continuing a pattern of gravitating towards subjects that are not exactly the most popular (case in point: her college major was Ancient Greek & Latin).

A former business owner, Ava values coupling her entrepreneurial background with her love of bookkeeping to help our clients. When not obsessing over debits and credits, you'll find Ava exploring the great outdoors, curled up with a book, or enjoying a meal with family and friends. 


Meet Our Head Accountant


Meg Curley, CPA

Meg feels passionately about working with entrepreneurs to help them organize and understand the financials of their business, from the first dollar in sales to the last dollar in personal taxes. She earned a degree in Political Science from UMass Amherst and spent several years working in local restaurants and reporting on state legislation for InstaTrac Inc.

She developed an interest in business and decided to go back to school for a Master’s degree in accounting at UMass Boston. After practicing public accounting and earning her CPA license, she decided she wanted to work directly with business owners by pursuing something entrepreneurial herself: Numbers in Boxes. After a long day of organizing financial reports, Meg enjoys oil painting, long bike rides and cooking with her fiancé.