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How We Work

Because you should know what you're getting from the beginning.


Speak with us so we can tailor our services to your company's individualized needs.


Once tailored, we give you an agreement we're proud to have you sign, ensuring we both know exactly what to expect.


Everything all set already? Perfect! Our team jumps in to assist with your monthly bookkeeping & Part-Time CFO needs.


Putting your books in order, starting at $500/month.

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Basic Books

Starting at $500/month — Weekly transaction categorization, monthly reconciliations, and your very own QuickBooks Online licenses included. 

Standard Books

Starting at $1,000/month — Everything found in our Basic Books offering, but oh so much better!   Adds on monthly financial statements review, cash flow analysis, monthly & year-to-date budget-to-actual review, bank & loan documentation assistance, and cost-cutting / time-saving recommendations out the wazoo! 


Advanced Books

$5,000/month — Our Standard Books, premium-ified!  Adds on budget creation & management, weekly invoicing & bill pay, payroll vendor management, scenario analysis, and even revenue analysis! 


Varies — Your business is its own entity, individualized, so we are happy to work with you to tailor your own plan to its needs.  Training, 409(A)s, acquisition support & analysis, financial business plan creation, and even hourly non-recurring work all fall under this umbrella.

quickbooks tutorials

$300/ 2-hr session — Learn how to use Quickbooks Online in our one-on-one sessions, 100% customized for your needs. Feel empowered and even have some fun along the way!