Payroll and tips can often be a tricky issue for business owners. When you are busy running your business, it can frustrating to spend time wrestling with Quickbooks and wage calculations. Here’s an excellent article for business owners who need to know recent changes in MA tax law will affect their employee’s wages. Massachusetts’s New Requirements for Calculating Tipped Employees’ Wages. Please let me know if this article is helpful and if you would like some help bringing your accounting and payroll to a new level.

MA Short-term Rental Tax

If you rent out a short-term property, you have a new tax and bookkeeping problem to wrestle with. MA has implemented a 5.7% tax on some parts of short-term rental income, which must be remitted to the Dept. of Revenue. You may also have to accrue for a local tax liability, depending on where your property is located. Read this excellent article for more details and contact Numbers in Boxes to learn how professional bookkeeping can help your business.